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Chanticleers Theatre
3683 Quail Ave, Castro Valley, CA 94546  //  (510) 733-5483  //  Average Ticket Price Range: $15 - $50
Theatre Website: CTCV

2023 - 2024 Live Theatre Performance Calendar
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The Man Who Saved Christmas (Play) // December 1 - 17, 2023
Based on the true story of toy inventor AC Gilbert. The pacifist toymaker is forced by the US government to turn his factory into a munitions plant during the First World War. Christmas itself seems to be under threat when Gilbert is asked to convince consumers to buy bonds instead of toys. However, the politicians have reckoned without his commitment to his profession and his public.


Yellowface (Play) // February 2 - 25, 2024
Yellow Face by David Henry Hwang is a semi-autobiographical drama about his life following the success of his Tony Award winning production, M. Butterfly. The story tackles the title issue when controversies arise surrounding a casting decision of the main character in the Broadway production of Miss Saigon.

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Sylvia (PLAY) //  Opens April 19, 2024
Sylvia, A street-smart mixture of Lab and poodle, Sylvia becomes a major bone of contention between husband and wife. She offers Greg an escape from the frustrations of his job and the unknowns of middle age. To Kate, Sylvia becomes a rival for affection.

Just My Type (MUSICAL) //  Opens June 21, 2024
PSYCHOLOGISTS Kate and Ben Face a deadline to write a book on personality types, based on theMYERS -�BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR assessment. They choose four couples from their practice to show how DIFFERENT types affect one’s LOVES and LIFE, for BETTER or WORSE. Kate and Ben learn something about themselves in the process. You might too!

Bram Stoker's DRACULA (PLAY)  //  Opens October 11, 2024
Set in Europe at the end of the Victorian Age, the story follows the famed vampire as he lusts for new blood. Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray fall victim to Dracula's unnatural charm and, along with Doctor Van Helsing, must fight Dracula's supernatural powers.

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