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- Game Schedules - Week of December 18 - 24, 2023 -

Monday (18)
Wednesday (20)
Friday (22)
Sunday (24)
Kings vs Wizards W 143-131
Kings vs Celtics 7:00pm
Kings vs Suns 7:00pm

Warriors vs Wizards 7:00pm

Tuesday (19)
Thursday (21)
Saturday (23)

Warriors vs Celtics W 132-126
Sharks vs Coyotes 7:30pm
Warriors vs Trail Blazers 5:30pm
Sharks vs LA Kings L 1-4

Kings vs Timber Wolves 7:00pm

Sharks @ Canucks 7:30pm


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Father-Son Duo Tiger and Charlie Woods Spark Hope and Joy at PNC Championship.
DEC 18 // Photo James Butte GBT //  Orlando, FL
Amidst a challenging period for golf, marked by grim news, the PNC Championship provided a moment of enjoyment, primarily through the performance of 14-year-old Charlie Woods, son of 15-time major winner Tiger Woods. Tiger, recovering from ankle fusion surgery, played alongside Charlie, showcasing an improving game. The tournament's final scores mattered less than the joy of witnessing Charlie's skills. Tiger, addressing various topics in media conferences, hinted at his ongoing recovery and optimism about playing one tournament a month, starting with the Genesis Open. Despite the uncertainties, the fact that Tiger Woods is returning to the course signals improvement after years of setbacks, offering a glimmer of hope for his future in professional golf.

Jon Rahm is Even Richer Than Ohtani!
DEC 11 // Photo btl //  Knutsford, England
This week marked a seismic shift in the world of golf as Jon Rahm, the defending Masters champion, made an unprecedented leap to the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour, fueled by the jaw-dropping sums offered by the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. Rahm's paycheck is rumored to be between $400 million and $600 million, with a precise figure of $566 million reported by the Telegraph, $302 million of which is upfront. If accurate, this would make Rahm the highest-paid athlete in 2023, surpassing even Shohei Ohtani's $700 million deal with the Dodgers. The move signifies a paradigm shift in golf, with LIV Golf's aggressive upfront guarantees reshaping the landscape. While Rahm insists it's about what's best for him and his family, concerns loom over the impact on the sport's unity, voiced by players like Rory McIlroy, who fear a scenario where the best golfers only unite for major events, potentially diminishing the sport's year-round relevance. As the merger deadline approaches and Rahm's departure leaves a void on the PGA Tour, the future of golf hangs in the balance.

United Front: U.S. and Mexico Team Up for 2027 Women's World Cup Bid
DEC 8 // Photo btl //  Chicago, IL
Breaking news for soccer enthusiasts! The U.S. Soccer Federation has just revealed an ambitious joint bid with the Mexico Football Federation to host the 2027 Women's World Cup, following the collaborative effort with Canada for the Men's World Cup in 2026. U.S. Soccer President Cindy Parlow Cone emphasizes the unique opportunity to capitalize on the existing infrastructure from the Men's World Cup, ensuring a world-class experience for players and fans. With the last Women's World Cup hosted by the United States in 1999 and Mexico entering uncharted territory as hosts, the bid aims to expand soccer accessibility nationwide and establish a lasting legacy for the sport. This move aligns with recent trends, such as Australia and New Zealand jointly hosting the Women's World Cup in 2023, indicating a shift towards more collaborative efforts in the world of football. Stay tuned as the United States and Mexico gear up to showcase their prowess and set a new standard for global football events!

2026 Commonwealth Games Juggle: Individual Championships or Bust?
DEC 7 // Photo ERSE 21 GBT //  London, UK
The 2026 Commonwealth Games might be divided into individual sports championships if a replacement host city cannot be found, following the withdrawal of the Australian state of Victoria due to escalating costs. Despite unsuccessful efforts to secure a new host, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is considering alternative plans, one of which involves organizing separate championships for different sports. Talks have been held with national Commonwealth Games federations and international sports governing bodies. While the CGF prefers a single host city, discussions are ongoing with four different regions, and an update is expected next year. Additionally, the possibility of postponing the Games by a year is open, as the CGF grapples with planning for the 2026 event and seeks a host for the 2030 Games following the withdrawal of the Canadian province of Alberta due to cost concerns.

Scheffler Seeks Back-to-Back PGA Tour Player of the Year Awards
DEC 4 // Photo Jeffery Burns - GBT //  Frisco, TX
Scottie Scheffler, the reigning PGA Tour Player of the Year, is among the five finalists for the Jack Nicklaus Award for the current season, aiming to achieve back-to-back wins, a feat last accomplished by Tiger Woods from 2005 to 2007. The Player of the Year for the 2022-23 season will be decided through voting by PGA Tour members who participated in at least 15 official FedExCup events. The winner will be announced in January at The Sentry, the inaugural event of the 2024 season. Other nominees include Wyndham Clark, who secured his first PGA Tour win and claimed the U.S. Open; Viktor Hovland, a three-time winner of heavyweight events; Rory McIlroy, with two victories and notable finishes in majors; and Jon Rahm, leading the Tour with four wins, including a major.

Nadal Eyes Brisbane Comeback With Lower Expectations
DEC 4 // Photo Tatiana //  Mallorca, Spain
Rafael Nadal, the 37-year-old Spanish tennis star, is set to make his comeback in Brisbane after a year-long hiatus due to a hip injury that required surgery. In a recent social media video, Nadal expressed his apprehensions about returning to the court and acknowledged the challenges of a prolonged absence from competition. He emphasized his intention not to demand the maximum from himself and to approach the comeback with a different mindset, accepting the difficulties that may arise initially. Nadal, who aims to experience the nerves and excitement of playing again, recognizes the uncertainties and the need to give himself time to adjust. Despite concerns about his readiness after a lengthy hiatus, Nadal remains optimistic, hoping for a positive outcome in the "not-too-distant future" if he maintains his enthusiasm, work ethic, and physical well-being.

Challenges and Criticisms in Women's Tennis: WTA Finals and Broader Issues
NOV 25 // Photo Gage Skidmore //  Cancún, Mexico
The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Finals faced criticism for various issues, including a poorly organized venue in Cancún, Mexico, leading to accusations of disrespect and unsafe playing conditions. Scheduling conflicts with the BJK Cup and a one-day delay in the WTA Finals finale intensified the challenges, forcing players like Storm Hunter to rush from Mexico to Spain. Tennis legend Billie Jean King emphasized the need for better collaboration to avoid such clashes. The outdoor tournament during hurricane season resulted in stormy conditions, with players expressing discontent over social media. The discontent extended beyond the event, as players raised concerns in a letter to the WTA about topics like pay and a congested calendar. WTA chairman Steve Simon faced pressure, with calls for new leadership from Martina Navratilova. Despite Simon's response, there seems to be no immediate solution to the complex issues facing women's tennis, prompting King to advocate for prioritizing the sport's well-being in decision-making.

Viva Las Sports: The Dazzling Rise of Sin City as the Global Sports Capital
NOV 24 // Photo ERSE 21 GBT // Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas has successfully positioned itself as "The Sports Capital of the World," attracting various professional sports leagues and events. The city is already home to the NFL Raiders, NHL Golden Knights, and WNBA's Aces. It hosts college basketball tournaments and is the chosen location for the NBA's new In-Season Tournament. Las Vegas is considered a likely candidate for an NBA expansion franchise, with Shaquille O’Neal expressing interest in ownership. The city's sports success includes hosting Formula 1 racing, the National Finals Rodeo, and upcoming events like the Super Bowl in 2024. The Las Vegas A's are expected to relocate, and the city is also anticipating an NBA expansion. The sports boom has significantly impacted tourism, increasing air traffic at Harry Reid International Airport and reshaping the city's tourism model. The evolution is marked by collaborations with major sports leagues, changing attitudes towards sports betting, and ongoing efforts to enhance the city's sports infrastructure. Las Vegas's trajectory as a sports hub reflects its commitment to solid and steady growth.

Blade Runner's Parole: Oscar Pistorius' Road to Redemption
Nov 24 // Photo RobertoSer // Pretoria, South Africa
Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee Olympic runner, has been granted parole 10 years after the high-profile killing of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius shot Steenkamp through a bathroom door in 2013, leading to his imprisonment in 2014. Scheduled for release on January 5, 2023, Pistorius will be monitored for five years post-release. Parole conditions include restrictions on leaving Pretoria, mandatory anger management and violence against women programs, and community service. The decision follows Pistorius' conviction for murder in 2015, receiving a 13-year and five-month sentence. While Steenkamp's mother did not oppose parole, she expressed doubts about Pistorius' rehabilitation, insisting he knew he was shooting Steenkamp, not a burglar. Pistorius, once a celebrated athlete, will now transition to parole, residing in his uncle's mansion.

Fumble or Fact? Charissa Thompson's Sideline Reporting Stir Sparks Ethical Debate
NOV 17 // Photo Mike Pettigano // Miami, FL
Sports journalist Charissa Thompson sparked controversy after admitting on the "Pardon My Take" podcast that she used to fabricate coaches' comments during her time as an NFL sideline reporter. Thompson, now with Fox Sports and Amazon Prime’s “Thursday Night Football,” initially claimed she would "make up the report" when coaches didn't provide halftime comments, justifying it by saying her fabricated remarks were in line with what coaches might say. Her comments faced swift backlash from fellow sports reporters, including Laura Okmin, Tracy Wolfson, Molly McGrath, and others who deemed it unethical and damaging to the profession. Thompson later walked back her statement, stating that she never lied or acted unethically, attributing her approach to creating reports when coaches didn't offer information during her early career as a sideline reporter. The controversy reignited discussions about the importance of trust and ethics in sports journalism.


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